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Chung Hua University is a leading university in the private sector, provides both students and faculty with a unique learning and research environment. The University is in the city of Hsinchu, about 15-minute drive from Hsinchu city. Located on a plateau of Hsinchu city, the campus is surrounded by naturally beautiful hills.

Under the strong support of the Board of Directors, the outstanding leadership of its presidents, and the joined efforts of all faculty members including the staff and students of the past two decades, CHU has developed into a well-known comprehensive university with quality education and respectable industry connections.

Taiwan's famous Science Park (Taiwan's "Silicon Valley") and Industrial Technology Research Institute (ITRI), where high-technology enterprises and research centers are situated and nearby. The location of CHU has allowed its departments and colleges to develop a close relationship with local high technology industries. It provides a great opportunity for students not only on practical training in their study field, but also widely selection on their future career pursuits.

With a park-like campus, the university is surrounded by the beautiful trees, gardens and hills. Being a relatively small but compact university, international students will find out that the campus atmosphere is very personal and friendly. It is definitely a relax and wonderful place for international students to make their studies in practice, improve Chinese language skill, experience Taiwanese culture and even make Taiwanese friends.

Currently, we have many students from European countries, such as France, Spain, Germany, the United Kingdom, Czech Republic, Slovakia, and etc. We specially create an international club for the foreign students as the educational and social platform. We wish to establish Chung Hua University to be a European friendly University in Taiwan.

Chung Hua University is prepared to stride forward and aim for a university that is known for its sustainability, innovative skills, and eminence in the Asian-Pacific region. Chung Hua University also offers study abroad for students who wish to expand their horizons. Our programs in Australia, China, Japan, United Kingdom and United States of America provide students with just such an opportunity. We have a wide range of Study Abroad Programs designed for undergraduate and graduate students. The length of programs varies from a few weeks long to ones that can last an academic year.

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