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Admission to study in english at FEEC BUT

Admission To The Paid Study Programme

Education of foreigners is governed by legal regulations of general validity and by internal rules of university and faculty. Where, in regard to the specificity of the study, consisting e.g. in the person of the student, in individually agreed terms of study, internal university and faculty rules cannot be applied to the full extent, they are applied appropriately.

Rules for admission proceedings, applications and requirements for admission in academic year 2018/19

All documents must be in English language and must be certified by a notary public.

To start the tuition in Bachelor’s or Master’s degree programmes, it is essential so that a minimal number of students of a particular specialization is enrolled. According to the Dean’s decision, the necessary minimal number of students for opening a study area for the academic year 2018/19 is ten.

An international student can start his/her study if he/she has successfully passed an individual entrance examination. The entrance examination is taken in front of a regular entrance examination board. Members of the board are appointed by the Dean.

Payment of study fees

After the successful entrance examination the student must pay stated fee.

Bank:   Ceskoslovenska obchodni banka, a.s.
Senovazne nam. 32
115 20 Praha 1
Payment from the Czech Republic  
  Bank code:
Account number:
Variable symbol:
Payment from outside the Czech Republic  (in euros or US dollars)
  SWIFT code:
Account number (IBAN):
Reference for transfer:
Vysoke uceni technicke v Brne, FEKT
ENTEXBSC/your last name

The proof of the payment must be delivered by the 30 June of the given year to:

Faculty of Electrical Engineering and Communication
Brno University of Technology

Study Office
Technická 3058/10
616 00 Brno

The faculty has no possibilities to award any scholarship for support the study of students from abroad.

Admission To Free Of Charge Study Of Selected Courses Or Projects

  • within the European mobility programmes (see LLP Erasmus)
  • on the basis of bilateral agreements concluded between BUT and foreign universities or agreements between the FEEC BUT and faculties of foreign universities apart from the European mobility programmes (see LLP Erasmus)

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