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Basic information about study programmes at FEEC BUT

In this decade, the traditional approach to teaching has been modified substantially and the faculty structure has changed in order to conform to the European standards expected from technical universities. The faculty has implemented the recommendations of the European Credit System (ECTS) and has made our teaching procedures compatible with similarly oriented universities in the world. This provides for short and long term study periods for foreign students, exchange of academic staff members and for mutual recognition of qualifications. The faculty supports the studies of its students at foreign universities, teaching of foreign languages and seeks cooperative partners abroad.

Study in English language

In accordance with the Dean´s Regulation, supplementing the Rules for Studies and Examinations of BUT, the faculty offers and enables the study of a complete study programme in English or the study of individual courses selected from the offer of the structured study programme in English. Nowadays, it is possible to study and complete in the full-time study at the FEEC BUT

  • a study programme in English language
  • selected courses or projects in English language within the European mobility programmes (see Erasmus+ Programme)
  • a study program or selected courses in English on the basis of bilateral agreements concluded between BUT and foreign universities or agreements between the FEEC BUT and faculties of foreign universities apart from the European mobility programmes (see Short Term Study Stage)

As far as the part-time study programmes are concerned, they are not offered at the FEEC BUT at the moment.

Unless otherwise stated, the study in English language is subject to a charge.

Application deadlines for short-term stages

  • Deadline for winter semester: 31st May
  • Deadline for summer semester: 15th November

Study fees

The range of study fees assessment is governed by provision of Section 58, para 5, Act 111/1998 Coll. and announced by decision of the Rector of Brno University of Technology. Study fees per one academic year paid by a foreign national at the Faculty of Electrical Engineering and Communication for study in a foreign language are

  • 3 000 EUR in the Bachelor´s and Master´s degree programmes
  • 4 500 EUR in the 1st year of the Doctoral degree programmes
  • 4 000 EUR in the 2nd and further years of the Doctoral degree programmes

In individual cases, for specific reasons (excellent study and/or research results), the Dean can decide upon reduced fees up to 50%.

Information about accomodation

If you have an interest about the posibility accomdation see http://www.skm.vutbr.cz/Angl/.

Study programmes in English

Three-year Bachelor´s programme Electrical, Electronic, Communication and Control Technology
The study of representing 180 credits finishes by a state examination, part of which is the defense of a Bachelor project.

Two-year Master´s programme Electrical, Electronic, Communication and Control Technology
The Master´s degree programme typically takes two years, in which a student must earn an additional 120 credits for compulsory, optional and recommended courses in a prescribed structure and submit a Master thesis.

Two-year interdisciplinary Master Programme Audio Engineering
The Master degree programme typically takes two years, in which a student must earn 120 credits for compulsory and optional courses. Applicants have to submit their own music recording and take an aptitude test consisting of a listening test and an interview.

Four-year Doctoral programme Electrical Engineering and Communication
To start the instruction in Bachelor´s or Master´s degree programmes, it is necessary so that a minimal number of students of a particular study area are enrolled. According to the Dean´s decision, the minimal number of students determined for opening a study area for the given academic year is ten.

Individual cources offered in english language

The list of offered courses for study in actual academic year you can see in section Erasmus+ Programme. To start the instruction of a given course, it is necessary so that a minimal number of students, determined by the Dean´s decision, has been enrolled. The current minimum number is five (RD46 -06). Possible exceptions are assessed and approved by the Vice-Dean for Bachelor´s or Master´s degree programme. If the number of students is lower, the instruction is proceeded in a form of guided study. Minimal numbers for opening a course in English language are stated below in the offer of these courses.

Rules for studies and examinations

The paperwork regarding the study is in an electronic form and it is the Dean who is responsible for a particular study programme.

Contact person

Bachelor, Master study programmes
Ing. Jana Hůlová
E-mail: hulova@feec.vutbr.cz
Address: Technická 3058/10, 616 00 Brno, Czech Republic

Doctoral study programme, Erasmus+ Programme
JUDr. Jarmila Pončová
E-mail: poncova@feec.vutbr.cz
Address: Technická 3058/10, 616 00 Brno, Czech Republic