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Faculty of Electrical Engineering and Communication is not only a leading educational institution, but also has extensive experience in research and development. Faculty departments focus essentially on all issues related to electricity, electrical and electronic devices and equipment and related areas.

We would like to encourage you to contact the head of the department, which falls into the remit of the issue you demanded to easily establish closer cooperation.

Department of Control and Instrumentation

Head of the Department: doc. Ing. Václav Jirsík, CSc., E-mail: jirsik@feec.vutbr.cz, Phone: 541146400

  • Development of advanced control algorithms of technical systems.
  • Development of control algorithms of electric drives. Control and communication technologies for electric vehicles.
  • Modeling and parameter identification of technical systems.
  • Development of measurement and inspection systems, computer vision.
  • Design of specialized computing hardware based on programmable structures.
  • Collecting, processing and analysis, design and implementation of measurement systems, development of utility software.
  • Design and development of sensors and measurement methods.
  • Calibration of inertial and vibration sensors; vibration and noise analysis; thermodiagnostics; the NDT acoustic emission method; vibration and thermal testing of electronic devices.
  • Research, development and design of embedded industrial systems.
  • Research, development and design of wired and wireless communications networks.
  • Research, development, and design of MESH and sensor networks; integration of MESH sensors.
  • Research, development, and design of smart metering and smart grid systems.
  • Development of industrial hardware and software.
  • Industrial control systems - PLC, DCS, microcontrollers, communication networks.
  • Research and design of fault-tolerant solutions and systems operating in real time.
  • Development of mobile robots applicable in the exploration of chemically hazardous or radiation-contaminated environments.
  • Development of systems for the creation of indoor and outdoor automatic digital maps.
  • Development of measuring and imaging instruments to facilitate the rehabilitation of medical patients via augmented reality and biofeedback.
  • Development of miniature multicopters.

Department of Biomedical Engineering

Head of the Department: prof. Ing. Ivo Provazník, Ph.D., E-mail: provaznik@feec.vutbr.cz, Phone: 541146666

  • Measurement of thermal radiation and heat loss using the thermal imager.
  • Recording of extremely fast events by Olympus digital camera iSpeed 3.
  • DNA isolation and sequence.
  • Analysis of genomic and proteomic data.
  • Measurement of electrical signals of the human body by certified clinical devices (ECG, EEG, EMG, EOG, spirometry, evoked potentials).
  • Measurement of the human eye.
  • Measurement and reconstruction of digital images, ultrasonic tomography.
  • Measurement of living and inanimate matter.
  • Measurement of absorption and fluorescence.
  • Monitoring and video recording of cultures by optical microscopes (exploratory, inverse fluorescence, phase contrast).
  • Cultivation of tissue cultures in CO2 environment.
  • Measurement of electrical properties of living cells using patch-clamp.
  • Paralel calculations on a grid computer.
  • Reconstruction and restoration of digital images.
  • Matching of multimodal image data.
  • Measurement of environmental parameters.
  • Measuring the composition of the gases.

Department of Electrical Power Engineering

Head of the Department: doc. Ing. Petr Toman, Ph.D., E-mail: toman@feec.vutbr.cz, Phone: 541146200

  • Consulting service and design engineering in the deployment of renewable energy sources.
  • Measurement and optimization of photovoltaic and solar systems.
  • Design of technological systems with heat pumps and cogeneration units.
  • Experimental activities in the field of energy systems with renewable energy sources (hybrid systems, accumulation, control systems, optimization.
  • Utilization of waste heat from technological processes - case studies (WTP, SHP, energy systems).
  • Technical assistance in the design of electrical networks of all voltage.
  • Technical assistance in designing of electrical distribution systems.
  • Modelling of transient phenomena in electrical networks, Load-flow analysis.
  • Testing of instrument transformers (up to 2 kA).
  • Testing of voltage instrument transformers.
  • Measuring resistance (grounding, cables and windings).
  • Calculations settings, primary and secondary testing of electrical relays.
  • Experimental activities in high voltage networks (disturbances, measurement, analysis).
  • Testing of devices immunity to low-frequency conducted disturbances and proposals of mitigation techniques. (Harmonics, Interharmonics, Impuls/Oscilatory LF disturbances, voltage unbalance, voltage events – dips/interuptions, changes in frequency, fluctuation and rapid changes of voltage).
  • Measurement of conducted emissions in low-frequency domain.
  • Consulting service in the field of low-frequency EMC, EMC coordination and assurance.
  • Design and testing of measuring units aimed at voltage quality using LabVIEW.
  • Measurement of power quality and voltage quality, power systems analysis based on measurements.
  • Design technical solutions in problem areas using various mitigation techniques.
  • Simulations of power systems in Matlab Simulink and PSCAD.
  • Renewable/dispersed energy sources connectivity assessments.
  • Lighting and technical computing, technical assistance in designing lighting systems.
  • Control measuring illuminance levels.
  • Luminance and glare measurements.
  • Spectroradiometry of light sources, photometry of luminaires.
  • Performance testing of convertors for halogen lamps, electronic ballasts for discharge lamps and drivers for LED lamps.
  • Dielectric withstand testing with AC voltage up to 300kV and max. current 1A.
  • Dielectric withstand testing with DC voltage up to 140kV and max. current 11 mA.
  • Lightning impulse (LI) tests with 1,2/50 µs full and chopped waves up to 935 kV.
  • Switching impulse (LI) tests with 250/2500 µs full and chopped waves up to 750 kV.
  • Partial discharge diagnostic with test voltage up to 300 kV and PD level max 4 pC.
  • Measurement of residual voltage of surge arresters with current impuls 8/20 µs up to 25 kA.

Department of Electrical and Electronic Technology

Head of the Department: doc. Ing. Petr Bača, Ph.D., E-mail: baca@feec.vutbr.cz, Phone: 541146188

  • Solar cell defect diagnostic
  • Solar module characterization.
  • Analyze of causes of destruction and wrong function of solar modules and systems
  • Diagnosis of batteries, analysis of the end of life causes.
  • Capacity and cycle life tests of lead acid / alkaline batteries.
  • Electrochemical analysis of materials and its propertis, research of materials for electrochemical power sources
  • Research and development of concentrator photovoltaic solar systems.
  • Deposition of thin film layers by magnetron sputtering include reactive preparing of oxidic and nitrid layers on different substrates
  • Training and consulting following topics:
    • non assembled PCBs , defects
    • Surface Mounted Technology and Through Hole Technology process and defects.
  • Wettability Test of TH and SM components.
  • Temperature profile of soldering equipments - measuring and optimization (teperature profilometer SLIM KIC 2000). Consulting - wave and rerflow soldering defects
  • Microsection of PCB and solder joints, defects analyse.
  • Creating 3D solid models and mathematical and physical analysis by finite element method and finite volume method.
  • Training and consulting of systems: AutoCAD, SolidWorks and Product Data Management.
  • Study of polarization phenomena in solid and liquid dielectrics – interpretation of dielectric spectra, relaxation polarization mechanisms.
  • Dielectric relaxation spectroscopy in the frequency range – measurement of components of the complex permittivity, dissipation factor (20 Hz – 30 MHz), determination of dielectric strength (at 50 Hz).
  • Dielectric relaxation spectroscopy in the time domain - measurement of absorption and resorption currents (up to 1.10-15 A), determination of internal and surface resistivity.
  • Effect of operating and climatic factors on the properties of materials – voltage: 2 kV, relative humidity in the temperature range 0 – 95 °C: 5 - 95 %, temperature: -45 – 350 °C, UV radiation: 50 000 µW/cm².
  • Degradation tests of electrical insulating materials – electric, AC, DC and pulsed loads up to 5 kV, thermal stress at temperatures of 1200 °C, combined stress (temperature, voltage, relative humidity, UV radiation).
  • Determination of non-electrical parameters of materials – measurement of viscosity of liquid materials vs. temperature (0.3 mPa – 10 Pa) .

Department of Physics

Head of the Department: prof. Ing. Lubomír Grmela, CSc., E-mail: grmela@feec.vutbr.cz, Phone: 541143279

  • Non-destructive noise diagnostics of semiconductor materials and devices, monitoring quality indicators for the determination of samples, at present mainly of photovoltaic cells and panels.
  • Design optimization technology of thin and thick layer resistors in terms of their durability testing using index nonlinearity, noise and intermodulation signal using electro-ultrasonic spectroscopy.
  • Research into the structures of defects in composite materials based on aluminum and magnesium using electroultrasound spectroscopy and nonlinear phenomena during ultrasonic irradiation.
  • Monitoring and localization of cracks in the cement and polymer composites and rocks under mechanical loading using electromagnetic and acoustic emissions.
  • Research and lifetime optimization technology of ceramic capacitors.
  • Analysis and optimization of signal / noise ratio QCM sensors for detecting chemical and biological agents, including increasing their detectivity.
  • Analysis and optimization of signal / noise ratio of radiation sensors based on CdTe and increase of their detectivity.
  • Study of surface materials and structures using AFM and SNOM microscope, including the monitoring of local properties at the microscopic level in the optical excitation, including characterization using electroluminescence.
  • Monitoring of selected parameters of solar cells and the short and medium term, including the development of experimental facilities.
  • Quality diagnostics structures (local and bulk defects, contacts) and study the properties of structures in operation in extreme temperature conditions. Creating the model components and design optimization of their parameters.
  • Design and application of micro- and nanosensors physical and chemical parameters.
  • Design of optical methods and devices for detecting the quality of food.

Department of Foreign Languages

Head of the Department: doc. PhDr. Milena Krhutová, Ph.D., E-mail: krhutova@feec.vutbr.cz, Phone: 541146040

Department of Mathematics

Head of the Department: doc. RNDr. Zdeněk ©marda, CSc., E-mail: smarda@feec.vutbr.cz, Phone: 541143217

  • The solution of differential systems with and without memory.
  • Feedback on system oscillations, nonoscillatory solution of the system.
  • Sampling of differential systems.
  • Qualitative properties of solutions of fractional and dynamic equations on time scales.
  • Controllability of systems with feedback.
  • Causal and spatio-temporal topological structure in the modeling of parallel processes.
  • Topological algorithms of digital information processing.
  • Analysis and partially-metric characteristics of information structures.
  • Application of differential and integral operators on multiautomaton construction.
  • Multistructures preferential trade in modeling decision-making processes.
  • Asymptotic behavior of singular solutions of differential and integrodifferential equations.
  • Construction of algorithms solving singular initial problems.
  • Fuzzy structures, systems of preferential terms.

Department of Microelectronics

Head of the Department: doc. Ing. Jiří Háze, Ph.D., E-mail: haze@feec.vutbr.cz, Phone: 541146102

  • Characterization of semiconductor structures and components on chips.
  • Testing of chips of integrated circuits.
  • Electrochemical impedance spectroscopy - characterization of conductivity sensors.
  • Production and electrochemical characterization of microelectrodes.
  • Characterization of electrochemical electrodes.
  • Methods of measurement in chemical sensors, instruments for measurement.
  • Technological and construction design of chemical sensors, biosensors and gas sensors, design of planar microelectrodes, thin membranes, nanoporous membranes.
  • Sensor systems (including wireless) for monitoring the environment (indoor and outdoor) - physical and chemical sensors.
  • Microfluidic systems with detectors.
  • Implementation of devices for fluorescent sensors.
  • Analysis using the scanning electron microscope.
  • Nanolithography in a nearby field.
  • Synthesis of nanocrystalline materials - paramagnetic nanoparticles, quantum dots, nanocrystals of semiconducting metal oxides.
  • Spin-coating of colloidal and organic solutions.
  • Techniques for creating a vertically arranged nanowires or nanotubes of metals and their oxides.
  • Nanoporous membranes and masks.
  • Surface microelectrodes activation using inorganic nanoparticles or biomolecules.
  • Increasing the surface of microelectrodes to 100 times using nanostructures.
  • Design and implementation of functional samples of thermodynamic and electrochemical sensors using voltametric methods and their control circuits according to the type of application.
  • Consulting in area of thermodynamic and electrochemical sensors including temperature measuring energy flows.
  • Design and implementation of process control (regulation) using the thermodynamic advantages of sensors.
  • Simple microcalorimetry using the advantages of thermodynamic sensors.
  • Electrochemical measurements using voltametric methods.
  • Development in the field of film technology, design and implementation of functional samples of hybrid integrated circuits.
  • Laboratory lead-free reflow soldering of SMT boards and vapors.
  • Steaming thin layers of selected materials.
  • Endurance tests in temperature chamber.
  • Installation and inspection of semiconductor components and bare chips, including encapsulation, wire bonding technology and flip chip, BGA soldering and mounting.
  • Consultations in lead-free soldering and hybrid integrated circuits.
  • Testing of solar cells and modules, solar cells application consultation.
  • Design, specification, development and testing of embedded applications.
  • Implementation of neural network algorithms.
  • Safety and security of industrial systems.
  • Development of database and Internet applications.
  • Monitoring systems supply electric vehicles.
  • Methodology for the design of integrated circuits operating in mixed mode.
  • Modeling and simulation of the proposed circuit solutions for transistor-level, RTL level, etc.
  • Implementation of functional samples in the form of an integrated circuit.

Department of Radio Electronics

Head of the Department: doc. Ing. Tomáš Kratochvíl, Ph.D., E-mail: kratot@feec.vutbr.cz, Tel.: 541146538

  • Research and development in wireless communication systems and their components - satellite communication, optical communication (optical wireless communications), wireless mobile communication (GSM, UMTS, ZigBee, Bluetooth).
  • Modeling and simulation of mobile radio systems.
  • Investigation coexistence radio mobile systems.
  • Development of antennas.
  • The development of passive and active microwave circuits.
  • Numerical analysis of electromagnetic fields.
  • Electromagnetic compatibility.
  • Radiolocation and radionavigation.
  • Application and development of Radio Frequency Identification (RFID).
  • Cognitive and software radio.
  • Digital technology and video.
  • Communication and digital processing of speech signals.
  • Analog and digital circuits, FPGA.
  • Development of custom software and firmware.
  • Application of microcontrollers and embedded systems.

Department of Telecommunications

Head of the Department: doc. Ing. Jiří Mišurec, CSc., E-mail: misurec@feec.vutbr.cz, Phone: 541146984

  • Cryptographic protection of communication and information systems, data networks and data protection, protection of electronic archives.
  • Design of advanced telematic systems in transportation.
  • Design and implementation of algorithms for digital processing of speech and music signals for telecommunication and media applications, embedded systems for acoustic signal processing and software for these systems.
  • Communication systems for crisis management in cities and municipalities (e.g. monitoring of pollution and snow loads on roofs), agricultural activity (soil retention monitoring, landslides).
  • Development of electronic devices for medical data transmission and processing, design and implementation of algorithms for processing and analysis of biomedical signals (NMR and CT tomography and ultrasound) and 3D modelling of parts of human body for diagnostic and surgery.
  • Research and development of telemetric systems, remote data collection systems, systems for wireless sensoric networks, networks for industrial data collection and control (smart grids of power plants, waterworks, transport, etc.)
  • Design and optimalization of algorithms for digital processing of signals (digital filters, signal detection, spectral analysis, etc.), implementation of algorithms for digital signal processing in signal processors and microcontrollers.
  • Design of digitally controlled circuits nad systems (communication with converters, digitally controlled current and voltage amplifiers, power generators).
  • Design of optical networks and industrial applications, measurement and monitoring of optical networks.
  • Research and design of systems of speech and image processing, protected archiving of multimedia systems, evaluation of emotions in speech and mimics using genetic programming.
  • Identification and analysis of noise source, analysis and synthesis of sound fields using physical and perceptual methods, analysis of acoustic spaces.

Department of Theoretical and Experimental Electrical Engineering

Head of the Department: doc. Ing. Pavel Fiala, Ph.D., E-mail: fialap@feec.vutbr.cz, Phone: 541146280

  • Numerical modeling of physical processes.
  • Numerical modeling of light propagation.
  • Basic research in the field of numerical models of elementary components of matter.
  • Processing of complex numerical tasks on a grid computer.
  • Development of broadband signals (noise spectroscopy).
  • Measurements in an anechoic chamber in the range 0.5 - 10 GHz.
  • Low-level measurements of various physical quantities.
  • Special applications of metamaterial structures.
  • Diagnosis of very fast processes.
  • Research in the field of special measuring methods for single events.
  • Image processing (noise reduction, segmentation, classification, registration).
  • The development of light sources of specific spectral characteristics.
  • Development of methods for electrical impedance tomography.
  • Research into new techniques of nuclear magnetic resonance.
  • Research and development of discharge activities detection in power transformer oil.
  • Problem solving research in the field of diagnosis and measurement of phenomena in power networks and facilities.
  • Research and development of special switching sources.
  • Research and development of cryogenic equipment and techniques for preservation of samples.
  • Research on techniques of electron microscopy, focusing on non-destructive imaging of biological materials.
  • Research in the field of nondestructive methods of measuring fluid flow velocity sensing.
  • Research of heterogeneous structures for applications such as security program or special sources of electricity in the area of nanomaterial engineering.

Department of Power Electrical and Electronic Engineering

Head of the Department: Ing. Ondřej Vítek, Ph.D., E-mail: viteko@feec.vutbr.cz, Phone: 541146701

  • Design of electrical machines, electromagnets, electromechanical actuators and other electromechanical systems
  • Analysis of electrical machines and other electromechanical systems using FEM (magnetic field, thermal analysis, mechanical calculations)
  • Complete type tests of electrical machines
  • Switching supply sources for special purposes from 1 W up to 1 MW
  • Industrial power electronics (pulse converter technique)
  • Usage of modern switching semiconductors in power electronics (SiC MOS-FET, SiC diodes)
  • Converters for electrical drives (IM, PMSM, SRM and other machine types)
  • Traction drives and chargers for electric vehicles
  • Digital control and algorithm design for electric drives, switching supply sources and other power systems
  • Mathematical models and simulations of dynamical systems and algorithms for their feedback control
  • Drawing documentation, 3D-modelling and visualization of objects using CAD systems
  • Thermal analysis of power systems using thermo-cameras
  • Electrical apparatus – analysis of electromagnetic and thermal effects of electric arc
  • Physics of electric arc
  • Type tests of switching and fusing devices

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