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General information

Faculty of Electrical Engineering and Communication

The Faculty presently consists of 12 departments with about 190 teachers, 360 PhD students, and 4000 students in basic and advanced programs.

The quality of teaching is guaranteed by accreditation procedures, one at the national level by the Ministry of Education, another at the European level by the European Association for Education FEANI.

The setting of the Faculty is rather suburban than downtown, concentrated into three localities, which are interconnected by optical data networks and connected to the rest of the world by Internet. Prague, the capital of the Czech Republic, is only 200 km from Brno and is easily accessible with many express bus lines operating between Brno and Prague or Prague airport. Another international gateway, Vienna and Schwechat airport are even closer, 150 km south of Brno, with bus and railway connections.


  UAMT Department of Control and Instrumentation
  UBMI Department of Biomedical Engineering
  UEEN Department of Electrical Power Engineering
  UETE Department of Electrical and Electronic Technology
  UFYZ Department of Physics
  UJAZ Department of Foreign Languages
  UMAT Department of Mathematics
  UMEL Department of Microelectronics
  UREL Department of Radio Electronics
  UTEE Department of Theoretical and Experimental Electrical Engineering
  UTKO Department of Telecommunications
  UVEE Department of Power Electrical and Electronic Engineering
  CVVOZE Centre for Research and Utilization of Renewable Energy Sources
  SIX Centre of Sensor, Information and Communication Systems

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