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The Faculty of Electrical Engineering and Computer Science, Brno University of Technology (FEI VUT) was transformed into the Faculty of Electrical Engineering and Communication (FEEC) and on the same day 1 January 2002 the Faculty of Information Technology (FIT) was established. Except for the previous Department of Computer Science and Engineering, all departments remained at the Faculty of Electrical Engineering and Communication, which is justly regarded as the successor of Electrotechnical Faculty in 1993 transformed into the Faculty of Electrical Engineering and Computer Science.

The history of the Faculty dates back to the founding of the Technical Training Institution in Brno in 1849. This institution educated professionals that took an active part in the industrial revolution which was in progress, and in 1873 obtained the status of university. In the second half of the 19th century there was a rapid industrial development in Bohemia, and particularly in South Moravia. As a consequence of national disputes when Czech ceased to be used as language of tuition, the Czech High Technical School was established in Brno in 1899. After initial problems the University obtained new buildings where mechanical, electrical and civil engineering, and since 1911 also chemical, disciplines were taught.

The successful development of the school slowed down during the World War I. After the war all faculties continued their work, and courses of architecture were introduced. During the economic crisis of the 1920s and especially in the following decades the school had to struggle for survival. During World War II the school was, as all other universities were, closed.

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After World War II tuition was resumed on full scale, which, however, did not last long. In 1951 the communist government transformed the Czech Technical University into Military Technical Academy. Tuition for civilians continued at the former Faculty of Civil Engineering only. Thus the development of the school was influenced for many years. In 1956 the technical university was re-established under the name Brno University of Technology. In 1957 the Faculty of Power Engineering was founded and in 1959 divided into the Faculty of Mechanical Engineering and Electrotechnical Faculty.

After 1989 the Brno University of Technology underwent significant changes. The abolished faculties were re-established and new faculties were founded. New study programmes and forms of study were adopted in all disciplines. The increasing role of information technology in the society as well as in the teaching of technical disciplines and in industry resulted in 1993 in transformation of study programmes and the faculty received a new name - Faculty of Electrical Engineering and Computer Science (FEI).

Since 1 January 2002 the Brno University of Technology has nine faculties - Faculty of Mechanical Engineering, Faculty of Electrical Engineering and Communication, Faculty of Information Technology, Faculty of Civil Engineering, Chemical Faculty, Faculty of Architecture, Faculty of Business and Management, Faculty of Business and Economics, and Faculty of Fine Arts.

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